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With GC innovate, we orchestrate the unique ecosystem of The Cronos Group, providing a broad range of knowledge and expertise on all things Google. Backed by over 400 specialised competence centres with more than 7000 employees, we support organisations in their innovation journey with in-depth expertise every step of the way. Transforming your business is our mission, Google Cloud the necessary fuel.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we want to truly put the emphasis on the word partner.  It is our goal to work together with our customers and leverage the technological capabilities of Google Cloud to make innovation the accelerator of your success. We aim to bring the best of both Google and the Cronos Group to our customers and make a real difference.

How? By connecting the dots within the Cronos Group.  We always  keep the bigger picture in mind and bring all relevant expertise together to help you reach your business goals. With GC innovate, you do not work with a ‘box mover’,  you embark on a strategic partnership to accelerate your business growth.  Are you ready to make a change?

Innovating Business, Delivering Efficient Solutions

Success stories, powered by Google Cloud

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, we’ve been able to help numerous organisations on their innovation journey by using Google Cloud and the power of our ecosystem. Take a look at our customer cases and get inspired. Ready to connect the dots?

What’s On the Agenda?

Google Cloud Next


Register for Google Cloud Next and join us to expand your horizons with technical workshops, state-of-the-art customer solutions and inspiring keynotes.

Google Event

Setting up your Google Cloud, done right: Actionable tips & tricks


In this webinar, Bryan De Smaele, Cloud Architect at Cymo, walks you through some hypothetical but realistic situations that demonstrate the importance of a secure GCP setup, and explains why and how a landing zone can make all the difference.

GC innovate webinar

App modernisation on Google Cloud, done right: Customer Case


Glenn Bryon, DevOps Engineer at FlowFactor, will give you a walk-through of how we helped one of our customers set up a scalable, flexible and cost-effective cloud native architecture on GCP for their applications.

GC innovate webinar

Scalable web hosting on Google Cloud, done right: RSCA Customer Case


Nils Peeters DevOps Engineer, at ScaleCity will provide insight in how they leveraged their unique architecture, based upon Google Cloud and Kubernetes, to ensure a scalable and performing website hosting for RSCA that can handle peak loads at all times.

GC innovate webinar

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