I need flexible IT infrastructure

I need flexible IT infrastructure

Driven by consumer demands and increasing competition, many organisations are looking for more flexible ways to deal with their IT infrastructure. Cloud migration has long been hailed as the ultimate solution, but this has long been an arduous process: often involving long planning, uncertainty and teething problems during the early transition stages. 

Google Cloud aims to do things differently by offering flexible infrastructure modernization approaches, ranging from rehost to replatform. With our help, you can reap the benefits of a modern IT infrastructure and leverage new innovations like AI and streaming analytics.

There are a lot of good reasons for migrating to the cloud: Scaling infrastructure, improved security and long term maintainability, to name a few. However, cloud migration has always been a difficult task that requires a lot of expertise and planning to pull off.

We at GC innovate feel that we can do things better. With Google’s discovery and assessment tools we help you understand exactly what the costs & benefits of moving to the cloud are. Then, using our portfolio of migration solutions, our migration experts focus on building and executing the right migration plan for your business.

SAP is the market leader when it comes to enterprise application software solutions. Both Google Cloud and SAP share a commitment to supporting customer success and growth, so it only makes sense that the two signed a partnership bringing SAP to Google Cloud.

At GC innovate, we bring together leading SAP and Google Cloud experts to ensure that you are getting the absolute best SAP experience for your business. Combine your SAP data with first-class scalability, security and cutting edge Google innovation and you get a winning formula for your business. 

In the age of cloud computing it can be hard to define exactly when exactly a company is involved in ‘high performance computing’. In short, the term HPC applies when your company deals with large scale mathematical computation as part of your operations, typically with ‘more is better’ computation requirements. 


Solving the high performance search indexing requirements is exactly why Google transformed from a successful search engine to a global tech giant. Through highly economical Compute, Storage & Networking solutions, Google has now made it easier than ever for companies to assemble their own on-demand supercomputer that can crunch through complex workloads at minimal cost.

At GC innovate, we have several highly qualified people to help you deal with your high performance computing requirements. Several of our data scientists come from a mathematical background, and their passion for large scale computing makes them enthusiastic participants in competitions like Google Hash Code!

Switching to Google Cloud doesn’t mean you have to give up on your familiar Windows environments. True to their open philosophy, Google offers a first-class Windows experience, backed by Microsoft. Migration is frictionless, with both on-demand and ‘Bring Your Own Licence’ licence models.

GC innovate, being part of De Cronos Groep, has ample access to Microsoft-certified professionals that can help you manage your Windows workloads on the Google Cloud. Meanwhile, you are free to integrate the best Google has to offer into your existing infrastructure. 

Of course, though we often think about the needs of your customers, your own employees have digital needs as well. Remote work requirements have confronted companies with the need to provide secure, digitally accessible work environments to keep their operations running. Virtual desktop technologies like VMWare have offered a solution for some companies, though often as a quick temporary fix.

With crisis comes opportunity though, because virtual desktops offer a secure, flexible and forward looking solution for companies looking to better manage their employees’ digital infrastructure. At GC innovate, we have seen multiple clients turn their temporary solutions into an important part of their in-house philosophy.

Migrating a data centre can feel like moving a physical warehouse. At GC innovate we are here to make that process as frictionless as possible. Whether you need to exit or reduce on-premises data centres, migrate workloads, modernise apps, or leave another cloud, we work with you to craft the right cloud migration solutions for you and your business.

Of course, we don’t have to do any heavy lifting ourselves, because Google offers a wide range of solutions and strategies to support your transition. For example, you can use Migrate for Anthos and GKE to easily modernise your applications away from virtual machines and into native containers. You’ll soon be surprised at how easy it is, and GC innovate is here to help!

As you can imagine, as a shipping platform we deal with a lot of personal and sensitive data. Though scalability was our most pressing need, security always remained our top priority and Google checks both boxes!

Robert Bank, Head of Software Development Paazl

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