Google Cloud and Our Collaborative Network

Explore how our partners harness Google Cloud’s transformative capabilities to fuel innovation and drive success

Google Cloud

Going digital isn’t just about moving your old IT infrastructure to the cloud to save cash and time. A true digital transformation shakes up your entire business and empowers every individual to make a change.

We’re clued up on today’s tech requirements and the pressing need to constantly create. That’s why businesses turn to Google Cloud to overcome their hurdles and construct a transformation cloud.

A transformation cloud supercharges your digital transformation by democratizing data, upgrading apps and infrastructure, creating connections between people, and fostering trusted transactions.

As a dedicated Google Cloud Premier partner, we bring together the unique ecosystem of The Cronos Group, offering a wide range of knowledge and expertise on all things Google. We focus on three key Google offerings: Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise.  Transforming your business is our mission, Google Cloud the necessary fuel

Our Collaborative Network

AI-powered workplace search, across all your company apps.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Glean, a company revolutionizing the way organizations access and utilize information. Glean provides an AI-powered workplace search that instantly connects you to the knowledge within your company, across all your apps. Designed to power productivity and engagement for today’s leading teams, Glean has harnessed the capabilities of Google’s managed services to create a world-class search solution.

Data anywhere. Protected everywhere.

We’re excited to share our partnership with HYCU Inc., a trailblazer in data protection and security. HYCU is all about making the world a safer place with its cutting-edge Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) platform. This game-changing solution lets you move data around freely, easily, and safely, taking the hassle out of managing and scaling infrastructure.

Google Cloud Marketplace

Expand your business capabilities by accessing a diverse ecosystem of trusted applications through the Google Cloud Marketplace. The Marketplace lets you tailor your technology stack to your unique needs and avoid the administrative complexity of a fragmented technology landscape.

With access to the Cronos Group and its 700+ competence centers,  we have the right knowledge and experience to assist your organisation in implementing these third-party tools on Google Cloud. We’re happy to connect the dots!

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