I want to leverage Google innovation in my data infrastructure

I want to leverage Google innovation in my data infrastructure

A lot has been said and written about data and its importance for businesses, so we’re not going to reinvent the wheel here. What is worth noting is that Google’s history and foundations are synonymous with large scale data storage and processing, experience which Google has ingrained onto its Cloud Platform. 

Let’s start with fundamentals: Google offers an end-to-end data platform that covers all your businesses’ data management needs. When it comes to data, Google offers an almost endless range of solutions, each designed to handle a specific need, ranging from long-term archival to real time analytics.  Whatever your business needs, we are sure to find a solution that is economical, scalable and secure.

Of course, you can also count on Google as the undisputed leader in the field of AI and machine learning. Both technologies are baked into Google Cloud Platform at every level, allowing you to leverage the power of Google innovation in every aspect of your business. The possibilities are endless, which is why we at GC innovate are here to help you find the best solution for your plans and budget. 

Google’s influence on the recent explosive growth of AI applications is hard to deny. Many consider Google’s open-sourcing of their internal tensorflow library in 2015 as the starting sign for the rapid advances in machine learning we have witnessed over the past few years.


Since then, Google has been working hard on making AI and machine learning even more accessible for the general public. Today, Google uses machine learning in almost every service and product they offer. Though AI components remain invisible in the background, Google also offers a number of ‘AI-services’ that serve as building blocks for organisations looking to build their own AI-infused applications.

The possibilities are almost endless: document searching to help your people find the right information easier, computer vision to help ensure quality in your production lines, churn prediction to help your HR department, invoice parsing to streamline your sales processes, the list goes on! Our data scientists are here to help you find your way through the endless possibilities, and will help you find the solutions with the biggest impact on your organisation.

Though Google offers several AI solutions that work out of the box, most require so-called ‘training data’ to learn the specific context of your business. That’s why an organisation with AI ambitions also needs a proper data strategy, and a proper data strategy starts with the right database solution.

When it comes to data, Google Cloud has you covered: offering a wide range of fully managed database services ranging from familiar technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB to proprietary solutions like Cloud Spanner, Bigtable and Firestore. Each database solution was designed with a specific use case in mind. Not sure which is the best fit for your business? GC innovate is here to help!

It can take a lot of expertise to set up a proper environment for data and machine learning, which is probably why mostly larger organisations have been reaping the benefits of these technologies. However, Google is constantly working to bring data, machine learning and analytics to organisations of all sizes, and their efforts have culminated in their Smart Analytics platform.

You can read more about the platform on our Smart Analytics page, but suffice to say Google Cloud Smart Analytics Platform was designed from the ground up to make the path towards becoming an intelligence driven organisation as easy as possible. Google’s platform, along with GC innovate expertise will ensure your business of any scale profits from enterprise grade analytics.

Digital twin modelling aims to create a real-time digital counterpart for physical processes with the aim of better understanding the state and evolution of those processes. Digital twins have become highly successful tools in areas ranging from building management to rocket design, and now Google has released Supply Chain Twin for the logistics sector as well.

Supply Chain Twin is designed to allow logistics companies to get a more complete view of suppliers, inventories, and transport. Google’s solution gathers data from enterprise business systems, partner systems, and public sources and lets you share formerly siloed data across suppliers and partners without complex integrations.

We went from a difficult and time consuming process to an efficient, AI based system which even deciphers bad doctor’s handwriting for us!

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Why an intelligent data cloud is key to digital transformation

Data is only as powerful as the way you use it. Its true impact comes when everyone has access to the right information at the right time so they can act intelligently.

Download our whitepaper and  explore the pressure businesses are under to predict, understand, and respond to risks and opportunities—and how Google’s data cloud can help you tackle it.

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