I want to become a data-driven organisation

I want to become a data-driven organisation

Google is constantly working on making their AI innovations and experience with internet-scale services more accessible to organisations of all sizes. Google Cloud’s Smart Analytics Platform is the culmination of their efforts, designed to be the easiest path to become an intelligence-driven organisation.

Built upon the same proven technologies that power Google’s services like Search, Maps, Gmail and Youtube, companies can now leverage the Smart Analytics platform to build their own data analytics centre. Through Smart Analytics, you can empower everyone in your organisation to get real-time insights without having to worry about scale, performance or cost. 

GC innovate is here to help you become an intelligence-driven organisation through Google’s Smart Analytics. Our experts, ranging from domain experts to data scientists, will help guide your organisation through this transformation, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits!

BigQuery is Google’s highly scalable, cost-effective multicloud data warehouse solution. AI and Analytics are once again baked in through BigQueryML, used to build and maintain ML models on large-scale structured or semi-structured data, directly inside BigQuery. Or what about doing interactive data analysis with BigQuery’s BI Engine or geospatial analysis with BigQuery GIS?

Migration is easier than ever with guidance from our GC innovate specialists, who map out exactly how you can safely migrate without any performance disruptions. But as always, Google practises its commitment to openness with BigQuery Omni, allowing you to cost-effectively and securely analyse data across cloud systems, such as AWS and Azure.

A data lake is a pretty overused term these days, but it really starts to apply when a company deals with a very specific concern: economical large-scale data storage & processing. As expected from the number one in data, Google offers unbeatable TCO on top of it’s world class machine learning & analytics tools.

Currently running an Apache Hadoop or Spark cluster? Dataproc, Google’s fully managed and highly scalable service, allows you to migrate without changing your code. Dataproc also lets you use the open-source tools you use today, cost efficiently, at any scale. 

But the end goal is not the technology, but rather giving your company all the tools and resources they need to get the absolute most out of your data. GC innovate is here to help you achieve that goal!

Most companies deal with so-called ‘batch analytics’, where a process is run periodically, typically to produce numbers for a recurring meeting. However, in some cases it is necessary to process and analyse data continuously, often found in areas like IoT applications, log analysis, traffic analysis, etc.

Scaling companies will quickly find streaming data producing absolutely massive datasets, especially when the number of streaming data sources scales as well. Once again, challenging data conditions is exactly where Google shines the most. With our help and Google tech, you can achieve economical real-time data processing on any scale.

Companies looking for a modern business intelligence platform will find a perfect match in Looker and BigQuery. Looker was designed to allow your people to easily explore, share and visualise your company’s data to support the decision making process. Looker is open, meaning you can easily connect with transactional databases like Oracle and MySQL as well as analytical datastores like BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, etc.

On the warehousing side, we of course recommend BigQuery, Google’s serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse solution. BigQuery adapts to your data of any size with zero operational overhead.

With these two technologies and a little bit of our help, you can get enterprise level business intelligence without having to assemble a full time data intelligence team. And even though analytics and machine learning have uses throughout your organisation, it’s the decision making process where they matter most!

For a lot of companies, success is determined by how well you understand your customers. Because business intelligence and marketing analytics are so intertwined, the tools are similar as well. With Looker and BigQuery, your marketeers have advanced analytics at their fingertips: forecasting, customer segmentation, churn prediction, sentiment analysis, and more!

Build an ROI-driven marketing strategy through advanced data analytics without the need for an entire technical support team. Meanwhile Google ensures your marketeers continue working while staying compliant with more complex regulatory conditions regarding data-collection and changes impacting third-party cookie measurement.

The value of data does not lie in sheer size, but rather what you do with it. We’ve hopefully already established that Google offers first level support to help you activate the value of your data. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to augment your private datasets with publicly available data. Google offers easy access to a large number of public data sets, ranging from traffic information to latest search trends.

Figuring out how to get the most out of your data is what we at GC innovate do best, and Google’s repository of public datasets is just one of our ‘tricks of the trade’. Get in touch and you’ll soon be surprised at how well data-driven decision making works.

We needed a flexible solution that could adapt to any request, so we began working with Google Cloud and GC innovate to migrate our genomics pipeline to the cloud.

Reinoud Reynders – IT Director, Infrastructure & Operations, UZ Leuven

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