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For businesses today, it’s clear that data is key to making smart decisions, driving innovation, and supporting growth.

The foundation of success in the age of data lies in a robust & modern data infrastructure. Imagine having a single data platform that brings together information from different sources, from customer behavior insights, to traditional ERP platform data.

With the help of our Cronos Groep network, we have the expertise and experience to design, build and operate data infrastructure that leverages the latest in Google technologies. Think BigQuery and Looker, for instance, to consolidate and standardize your data, making them accessible for business users.

In addition, the advent of Generative AI ushers in an era where ’talking to your data’ is becoming a reality. This innovation allows for an intuitive interaction with your data, enabling you to extract insights and make data-driven decisions with unprecedented ease and self-service tooling. 

Ready to move your organization into the future of data-driven excellence? Contact GC innovate and embark on a transformative journey where data mastery meets innovation.

Data Culture & Strategy Workshops are pivotal in creating an environment where data is at the core of decision-making processes. Through those workshops, organizations can align their teams around data-driven goals, so every member understands the value and techniques of using data effectively.

The technical aspect involves introducing best practices for data management, governance, and ethics, equipping teams with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of data in a way that promotes innovation and responsible use. The business benefit is clear: a unified data culture accelerates decision-making. And that’s not all. It also enhances transparency, and drives a competitive edge by embedding data into the strategic fabric of the company.

The AI Readiness Assessment evaluates your organization’s preparedness for AI integration. It identifies strengths and highlights areas for improvement. It’s a comprehensive assessment and it covers data quality, infrastructure readiness, and the alignment of AI initiatives with business goals. We provide a roadmap to address gaps, ensuring that your data environment is ready for the successful adoption of AI technologies. No matter your objectives, better customer segmentation, efficient supply chain control or developing an entirely new service, we help you get the most out of AI technology.

Beyond technical readiness, our assessment also considers the cultural and operational shifts necessary for AI adoption. We guide you through the process of embedding AI capabilities into your business model, making sure that your team is prepared to use AI tools and methodologies effectively. This not only streamlines the integration of AI into your operations but also maximizes the return on your AI investments by aligning them with your overall business strategy.

Our data architecture service is designed to guide you in envisioning and achieving an optimal state for your data infrastructure. No matter if it involves setting up a data warehouse or a data lake using BigQuery. We discuss and implement the necessary tooling and pipelines to efficiently consolidate your data, considering critical factors such as access management, data security, anonymization, and scalability. Our approach is tailored to your organization’s specific context, starting from the existing setup to designing a cost-effective Data Platform that supports your objectives and uses generative AI for intuitive data interactions.

Implementing a Google data platform encompasses building a secure, compliant, and reliable cloud environment tailored to meet the unique requirements of your project or business. It includes aspects like security, governance and anonymization. By deploying BigQuery and Looker, and employing ETL tooling, we establish a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making. Our strategy involves harnessing the full potential of modern data warehouses and data lakes, integrating disparate data sources into BigQuery to create a unified data ecosystem.

The subsequent phase focuses on visualizing this integrated data and making it accessible to business users through self-service Business Intelligence tools, such as Looker Pro & Looker Studio. Given Google’s compatibility with various platforms, we also facilitate connections to your preferred analytics tools, like Power BI or Oracle Analytics. Our team supports you in setting up these integrations and developing insightful dashboards, ensuring that data not only informs but also inspires actionable business strategies.

The process of replatforming your data infrastructure with GC innovate means modernizing to more cost-effective, capable solutions. Whether it’s updating an old data warehouse to a managed, modern solution like BigQuery, or transitioning database legacy technologies to avoid the complexities of infrastructure management, we focus on the latest technologies to enhance your data handling capabilities. 

This is where our Cronos Groep network really shines. It allows us to call on a wide-ranging pool of expertise to help navigate the shift to managed, open-source data solutions that significantly reduce overhead and unlock new capabilities.

Our managed services for Google Data Platform encompass end user training and complete operational management of the deployed technologies. That way, we ensure optimal, cost-efficient operations. We take on the responsibility of managing databases, BigQuery, Looker and more, to allow your team to focus on strategic & functional initiatives rather than the intricacies of day-to-day technology management. 

Our service is designed to provide peace of mind. We offer 9×5, 24×7 support backed by SLA’s, so you know your data technologies are always running smoothly, securely, and in alignment with best practices. Now you’re free to benefit from the full power of your data assets without the operational burden.

We needed a flexible solution that could adapt to any request, so we began working with Google Cloud and GC innovate to migrate our genomics pipeline to the cloud.

Reinoud Reynders – IT Director, Infrastructure & Operations, UZ Leuven

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