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A lot of companies are hesitant to make the move towards the cloud because they fear that this presents an added security risk. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Security is baked into Google’s Cloud Platform at every level, allowing you to work in the cloud with more protection than your on-premise systems.

Google employs a zero trust security approach throughout all their products. This approach is called  BeyondCorp, enabling secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

But it doesn’t end there, because through Google Anthos you can also enjoy Google security in all your cloud-, on-premise or hybrid deployments. Working with GCP is also guaranteed to be GDPR compliant, along with a number of ISO certifications that ensure your cloud meets every regulatory requirement.

Chronicle is Google’s Security Operations Centre solution, built to provide threat detection, hunting and security visualisations economically at any scale. Reduce the TCO of your security operations while improving your time to investigate.

Chronicle allows you to separate signal from noise, even when using large-scale, globally distributed systems by unifying all your security telemetry onto a single timeline, allowing you to get actionable threat information in a matter of seconds or minutes, not hours or days after.

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover, these are the basic steps in Google’s security and resilience framework. With this framework, our GC innovate security experts evaluate your organisation’s IT risk, identify your critical assets, and provide recommendations for improving your security posture and resilience.

Your data is probably the most important part of your entire IT infrastructure, so paying extra attention to keeping your sensitive data secure no matter what is definitely worthwhile. Luckily, Google Data Loss Prevention is there to help you discover, classify, and protect your most sensitive data.

Cloud DLP provides tools to classify, mask, tokenize, and transform sensitive elements to help you better manage the data that you collect, store, or use for business or analytics. With support for structured and unstructured data, Cloud DLP can help you preserve the utility of your data for joining, analytics, and AI while protecting the raw sensitive identifiers.

Virtually every company today uses firewalls to enforce perimeter security. However, this security model is problematic because, when that perimeter is breached, an attacker has relatively easy access to a company’s privileged intranet. As companies adopt mobile and cloud technologies, the perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce. 

Google is taking a different approach to network security by removing the requirement for a privileged intranet and moving corporate applications to the Internet without sacrificing security. BeyondCorp is Google’s implementation of the zero trust model.  By shifting access controls from the network perimeter to individual users, BeyondCorp enables secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

As a modern digital organisation, your API’s are the modern equivalent of castle gates. Google’s Web App and API Protection (WAAP) ensures those gates are as well protected as possible, shielding against DDOS attacks, providing bot protection and keeping you safe from all kinds of attacks that aim to target your business.

Use reCAPTCHA, no doubt familiar with any internet user, to defend your websites from fraudulent activities, spam and other automated attacks. Meanwhile, Apigee allows you to enhance the security of your API’s in minutes.

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