I want scalable and adaptable applications

I want scalable and adaptable applications

To keep up with modern software lifecycles with frequent release cycles, software architecture has moved on from monolithic applications to more manageable microservices. These microservices have specialised roles and therefore wildly varying workloads based on which service is needed at the time. The subsequent need for flexible infrastructure is why the cloud is such a natural fit for modern applications.

To be honest though, there are many ways to get microservice/cloud services wrong too. App modernisation is a process that requires careful consideration to avoid unnecessary costs and/or technical difficulties. That’s why we at GC innovate are here to guide you every step of the way. With the open and cloud native Google Cloud components we can build a cloud solution that fits your business just right!

Releases now go into production within a matter of hours, and the whole organisation is more connected. The fact that we can work so fast and efficiently directly results from our innovative event-driven infrastructure.

Didier Dhaenens, CIO Mateco

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