GC innovate announces partnership with Glean, Enterprise AI Search & Knowledge Discovery.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Glean, a company revolutionizing the way organizations access and utilize information. Glean provides an AI-powered workplace search that instantly connects you to the knowledge within your company, across all your apps. Designed to power productivity and engagement for today’s leading teams, Glean has harnessed the capabilities of Google’s managed services to create a world-class search solution.

Glean’s innovative search platform addresses the pressing challenges of rapid digital transformation, rampant SaaS sprawl, and knowledge fragmentation. By delivering a powerful unified search across all applications used at your company, Glean empowers employees to find answers to their questions when they need them most. Glean’s intelligent system understands who you are, what you’re working on, and even language and acronyms specific to your company, providing highly personalized and accurate results.

With Glean, you can rest assured that your information is secure, as the search platform respects the existing permissions from your company’s systems, ensuring users only see what they have permission to access. Beyond search, Glean also offers knowledge management tools like Answers, Collections, and Go Links, transforming into a Work Hub that keeps employees informed with the latest company announcements, trending content, and a people directory.

Glean seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, whether you’re using the web app, mobile app, new tab page, sidebar search, native search, or even Slack commands. The platform is easy to use and connects with all the apps you already use, making it a valuable addition to your team’s toolset. With a setup time of less than 2 hours, Glean requires no engineering talent or manual fine-tuning for implementation, allowing your team to hit the ground running.

By partnering with Glean, we aim to help your organization thrive in today’s competitive landscape. With Glean’s powerful search and knowledge management tools, new hires onboard more quickly, employees can instantly access the information they need, and everyone can build on the knowledge that already exists within your company. Discover the power of Glean and unlock your organization’s full potential.

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