Google Tuesday Recap: Our Experiences with Google Generative AI

GC innovate, the orchestrator of all things Google in the Cronos ecosystem, is at the forefront of innovation by leveraging the capabilities offered by Google Cloud. As a trusted Premier Partner, GC innovate had the privilege of being an early access participant in the GEN AI Trusted Tester Program. This program allowed us to explore and evaluate the cutting-edge AI solutions provided by Google, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in various  industries in an enterprise context. In this blog post, we will highlight two notable GEN AI Solutions: Gen App Builder and Vertex AI.

Google’s Generative Efforts: Striving for Excellence in AI

In the world of generative artificial intelligence, OpenAI and their ChatGPT product are seen as the pioneers in the field. However, it’s worth noting that Google, often seen as playing catch up, has been quietly working on similar technology for some time. While OpenAI has made significant waves with their public language models, Google has taken a more careful approach to ensure the reliability and safety of their AI products while keeping it easy to implement.

The GEN AI Trusted Tester Program, which GC innovate had the privilege of participating in, exemplifies Google’s commitment to thorough testing and refinement of their AI products. This program allows select partners to gain early access to Google’s generative AI technologies, such as Gen App Builder and Vertex AI, and provide valuable feedback to ensure the reliability, safety, and effectiveness of these cutting-edge solutions.

In the following segments, we wanted to share our experiences and insights gained during the testing program. Find out how we collaborated with Google, explored the capabilities of Gen App Builder and Vertex AI, and provided valuable feedback to shape the development of these powerful AI solutions. 

Gen App Builder: Generative Apps in a Flash

The first application we got our hands on is called Google Gen App Builder. With Gen App Builder, developers can leverage Google’s foundation models, search expertise, and conversational AI technologies to rapidly build enterprise-grade generative AI applications, regardless of their level of machine learning expertise.

During our live demo of Gen App Builder, we were impressed by how effortlessly we could set up and deploy our applications. Within minutes, we were able to tap into Google’s no-code conversational and search tools, powered by foundation models, to create high-quality user experiences that seamlessly integrated with data sources ranging from unstructured pdf files to entire websites. The simplicity and speed with which we could get started with Gen App Builder were truly remarkable. Check out the video below to see firsthand how easy it was:

There were obviously still some challenges. As we explored the capabilities of the application, we discovered that the AI occasionally made subtle mistakes. For instance, our Gen App incorrectly labeled GC innovate, born out of the collaboration between Google and Cronos, as a joint venture. While these mistakes were minor and didn’t significantly impact the overall functionality of the application, they highlighted the need for careful validation and fine-tuning of the generative AI models used in our applications.

Nonetheless, despite these minor challenges, Gen App Builder proved to be an invaluable tool for us. It provided us with step-by-step orchestration of search and conversational applications, simplifying common tasks such as data ingestion, preprocessing and customization. This orchestration layer abstracted the complexity of combining enterprise systems with generative AI tools, allowing us to create smooth and user-friendly experiences for our clients.

Vertex AI: Simplifying AI Integration

Following our exploration of Gen App Builder, we were also thrilled to delve into another remarkable offering from Google Cloud: Vertex AI. Vertex AI is designed to streamline the end-to-end ML lifecycle, offering a range of capabilities that span from data preparation to model deployment. The platform provides a unified interface for data engineers, data scientists, and ML engineers to collaborate and leverage their expertise collectively.

During our live demo of Vertex AI, we were delighted to discover the platform’s ease of use, particularly when it came to utilizing the Vertex AI API in a developer environment. Leveraging the power of Jupyter Notebooks and the open-source Langchain library, we seamlessly connected the Vertex AI Bison model with a diverse range of data sources.

With Vertex AI, integrating various data sources into our AI applications became a straightforward process. First, we effortlessly connected Google’s Bison Large Language Model with a simple CSV file, allowing us to access and analyze structured data with ease. Next, we expanded the capabilities by leveraging the power of Vertex AI to connect with a graph database. This integration enabled us to leverage complex relationships within the database and provide sophisticated responses to complex natural language queries.

In conclusion, our experience with Vertex AI in a developer environment was exceptional. The platform’s seamless API integration enabled us to effortlessly connect the Vertex AI Bison model with diverse data sources. This integration empowered us to create intelligent applications that harnessed the power of structured and relational data. We look forward to continuing our exploration of Vertex AI’s capabilities and leveraging its user-friendly features to develop even more sophisticated and data-driven AI solutions.

Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI

At GC innovate, we are excited about the possibilities that generative AI presents for businesses across diverse sectors. We invite companies to embark on this transformative journey by attending one of our workshops on the vast possibilities and applications of generative AI in their specific industry. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the capabilities and potential use cases, helping you harness the power of generative AI to drive growth, efficiency, and success in your organization.

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