Three reasons why Google is the way to Go

Though Google is a well known giant in the consumer market, they remain somewhat of a challenger when it comes to the B2B cloud market. Though we at GC innovate are of course convinced, we do want to tackle the most important question our clients might have: why Google Cloud?

Cloud Natives

It’s true, when it comes to the cloud market Google might not be as popular as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. But we feel there’s a very good reason for that, and that same reason is also why we believe that Google Cloud has a very important trump card when it comes to clients who might be looking to modernise their application stack.

You see, Google has always stuck to its cloud native philosophy. Though initially a lot of companies were happy to move their physical servers to virtual machines in the cloud, most are now noticing that they are not fully benefiting from the many advantages the cloud has to offer. Transforming towards a cloud native architecture, using microservices and containers, allows you to scale your systems effortlessly and deploy your applications in a fraction of the time. 

Innovation at its core. 

The spirit of discovering new things and reinventing themself has always been an important aspect of Google in  their 20 year existence. Innovation is truly at the core of their DNA and the real driver of its success. Their open-source approach is a crucial part of that innovative mindset. Did you know that Google lies at the basis of numerous standards that define the ever-evolving world of technology today? Google is a very strong contributor to open source projects. Take for instance Kubernetes, a technology that sits at the heart of many companies’ cloud stack, or Tensorflow, the library that revolutionised the field of AI by bringing deep learning into the mainstream.

This open philosophy translates to other aspects as well. Most importantly, Google Cloud also makes opting for a multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy easier than ever. Using Anthos, you can easily manage Kubernetes clusters across different platforms, either local or in the cloud, from one central location. This allows you to completely focus on your applications, without having to worry about infrastructure or vendor lock-in. Lock-in is very much a dirty word at Google, which translates to their software design as well. For instance, MS Office documents are fully supported by Google Workspace and files can easily be shared with Box, Dropbox or Egnyte users.

The innovative mindset and open-source approach, translated in business solutions that are intuïtive is what makes Google truly different and unique. Their continuous hunger for improvement  is another proof of that statement. Google doesn’t work with big releases but with incremental changes on a daily basis. It can be quite a challenge to keep track of all these updates but don’t worry, we got your back with blogs and monthly newsletter!

Partner for your Data 

Of course, it doesn’t bear mentioning that Google is world-leader when it comes to data, operating data centers and undersea cable infrastructure all over the world. This infrastructure is supplemented by revolutionary software, often developed in-house because there was simply no other player in the market operating at the same scales as Google, leading to database solutions like Google Cloud Spanner with amazing scalability, both horizontally and vertically.

Finally, in the spirit of openness, it is worth addressing one final elephant in the room: Data & Advertising. Since Google’s main revenue source in the B2C market comes from data gathering and advertisement, some might wrongly fear that their company data will be used for similar purposes. 

This of course couldn’t be farther from the truth. On the contrary, since Google is first-class in the field of data, there is no stronger partner when it comes to the privacy and security of your data. And even more: you can leverage the powerful tools Google has developed to bring both your data- and advertising strategy to the next level!

Join our Google Community

We hope we’ve made it clear that we’re very excited about all things Google. And we hope to share that excitement with you as well! If you’re looking at your company’s current architecture and wondering how Google Cloud might fit into the equation, don’t hesitate to get in touch and have an open chat about what GC innovate might do for you.

But it doesn’t stop there, because our ambition is to create a Google community where our technical experts can interact and share expertise with anybody who might be interested in the latest & greatest that Google has to offer. Many interesting initiatives are already in the works, but in the meantime you can subscribe to our newsletter, where we share all the latest Google news in a compact, easy-to-read format. 


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