[Video] Scalable web hosting on Google Cloud: RSCA Customer Case

A website is your company’s visual identity. Most businesses are looking for ways to scale their website but are often faced with budget limitations. Based on their extensive experience — hosting over 250 websites — ScaleCity, part of De Cronos Groep and our Google ecosystem, has developed a unique architecture that can help keep your website online under any circumstances, regardless of technology stack, without requiring heavy investments.

For RSCAnderlecht, a website that can handle peak loads during competitions and live streaming is crucial to ensure their reputation as one of the top clubs in Belgium. In this video, Nils Peeters, Coordinator at ScaleCity will give insights in how they leveraged Google Cloud and Kubernetes to ensure RSCA’s website keeps running smoothly at all times.

3 min

Nils Peeters – ScaleCity

InfrastructureApp Modernization

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