GC innovate announces partnership with HYCU, Data Protection As A Service.

We’re excited to share our partnership with HYCU Inc., a trailblazer in data protection and security. HYCU is all about making the world a safer place with its cutting-edge Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) platform. This game-changing solution lets you move data around freely, easily, and safely, taking the hassle out of managing and scaling infrastructure.

HYCU Protégé for Google Cloud is a cloud-native, application-consistent backup and recovery solution specifically designed for workloads running on Google Cloud. This powerful tool enables our customers to protect, recover, and migrate workloads within minutes without any impact on their applications. With HYCU’s proven expertise in delivering application-aware data protection solutions for both on-premises and public cloud environments, HYCU Protégé offers an integrated, enterprise-grade multi-cloud data protection solution.

In addition to backup and recovery, HYCU Protégé for Google Cloud also offers seamless data mobility and migration. Customers can effortlessly lift and shift production workloads from on-premises or other public clouds to Google Cloud, ensuring an application-consistent experience. With self-service, on-demand migration or staged migration to Google Cloud, the process is streamlined and headache-free.

For those seeking a disaster recovery solution, HYCU Protégé can be used to seamlessly failover to Google Cloud from on-premises or public cloud environments. This approach eliminates the need for costly compute and high-performance storage until an actual failover is required, providing both peace of mind and cost efficiency.

HYCU Protégé for Google Cloud is a 100% SaaS solution, purpose-built to leverage the scalability of Google Cloud. It dynamically scales up and down based on your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you use. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, enabling easy setup in less than 15 minutes and one-click simplicity for backup & recovery, migration, and disaster recovery.

Finally, HYCU Protégé for Google Cloud is a secure, application-aware solution that delivers application-consistent backups. It features immutable, air-gapped, and ransomware-proof backups, adhering to stringent security standards such as STIG, NIAP, ISO 27001, and Common Criteria. With HYCU, you can trust that your data is in safe hands.


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