I want to transform how my team collaborates

I want to transform how my team collaborates

We spend so much time thinking about our customers that we might forget that the success of a company is determined by its employees. The future of work is a future where teams collaborate digitally from different locations with different devices. Google supports this new way of working by offering a range of secure and user-friendly cloud solutions. Like Workspace, a suite of business solutions that seamlessly integrates everything your team needs, all in one place.

But the future of work is about more than text processing and slide making. Tools like AppSheets allow your non-technical domain experts to create their very own no-code applications. These applications can boost productivity all over your organization, ranging from project management to digital marketing.

Google Workspace contains all the familiar tools a company uses on a daily basis: mail, document processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, shared calendars, video conferencing, all from one single location. Those currently using Microsoft Office solutions will have no trouble making the switch, because Workspace supports Office formats natively without having to convert the files.

All these tools were built to interact with each other: seamlessly share a document in conference calls, integrate spreadsheet graphs in your presentations, take meeting notes collaboratively, directly link specific slides in your mails, the list is only limited by your imagination.

Even Workspace benefits from Google’s innovations in the field of AI. For instance, use advanced natural language search algorithms to easily search through mails, documents, presentations, etc. from a single location. Or what about an advanced writing assistant that helps you get through those documents and emails faster than you could ever imagine.

Or what about the Speech To Text Engine, which is in fact being used to write this very article. And of course you can count on a world-class typo & grammar checker that will ensure your documents are written to professional standards.

Companies who fear security risks moving to a cloud platform can rest soundly in the knowledge that Workspace adheres to the highest standards in security & privacy without sacrificing usability. 

BeyondCorp is a Zero Trust security framework modeled by Google that shifts access controls from the perimeter to individual devices and users. The end result allows employees to work securely from any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

With Google AppSheet, you can build powerful solutions that simplify work. No coding required. Build powerful mobile and desktop apps, customised to your business needs.

  • Capture rich data using forms, barcodes, locations, signatures, and photo
  • format shapes icon
  • Customise features, UX, security, and branding
  • toggle on icon
  • Manage users with role-based security, authentication, and usage reports

A mobile, secure, easy-to-manage operating system for modern ways of working. Key benefits of deploying ChromeOS  for your business:

  • Fast deployment and simple management
  • Apps for every worker
  • Modern employee experience
  • Built-in, proactive security
  • A smart and eco-friendly environment

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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provides a simple and modern way for IT to secure, orchestrate and power the cloud workforce.

  • Drop ship devices
  • Advanced security
  • Manage updates at your own pace
  • Reporting and insights
  • Granular controls
  • Scalable, cloud-based management

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