Escape VMware price hikes: your guide to Google Cloud alternatives

Exploding VMware Licensing Costs: What to Do Now?

The Broadcom acquisition of VMware has sent shockwaves through the IT industry, with licensing costs for VMware products surging by as much as tenfold for some customers. This dramatic price increase has left many businesses scrambling to find alternative solutions. They’re facing a difficult decision: swallow the bitter pill of significantly more expensive subscriptions or explore alternative options altogether.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss two actions you can take to mitigate the impact of increased VMware licensing costs, how GC innovate can assist making the decision to move your VMware workloads to Google Cloud and some compelling reasons why you should consider migrating.

Cost Mitigation with Google GCVE

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) provides a seamless way to migrate your VMware workloads to Google Cloud. This immediately reduces your licensing costs and TCO while unlocking the full potential of Google Cloud. Google cloud platform offers enhanced scalability, allowing you to effortlessly scale your workloads up or down as your requirements change, without the limitations of on-premises infrastructure. Google’s world-class infrastructure provides unmatched reliability, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring your applications remain continuously available. Additionally, you gain access to the latest cloud technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, to fuel innovation and drive business growth. Google’s robust security features safeguard your workloads from evolving threats, providing a secure and resilient environment.

How GCVE Helps You in the Short-Term:

  • Significant savings: Reduce Broadcom price hikes and save on your VMware licensing costs by locking your infrastructure cost
  • Fast migration: Migrate your workloads seamlessly and fast
  • Simplified management: Continue managing your workloads with familiar VMware tools
  • Bring your own license: either use the Google Cloud VMware license or BYOL if you have VMware cloud foundation licenses

Long-Term Migration to GCE or Containerization

For a long-term solution, we can assist you with migrating from VMware to Google Compute Engine (GCE) or adopting containerization. GCE offers similar functionality to VMware with lower costs and greater flexibility. Containerization makes your workloads platform-independent and scalable. Migrate at your own pace and seamlessly switch license model without additional cost.

Advantages of Long-Term Migration to Google Cloud

Reduced total cost of IT ownership (TCO): Migrating to Google Cloud can significantly reduce your total cost of IT ownership (TCO). Here’s a breakdown of the cost savings you can achieve:

  • Licensing fees: Eliminate the need for expensive VMware licenses and transition to a pay-as-you-go model for cloud resources. This flexible pricing structure helps you optimize your IT spending and only pay for the resources you use.
  • Energy consumption: Google’s data centers are designed with sustainability in mind, leveraging efficient cooling systems and renewable energy sources. This translates to lower energy consumption compared to your on-premises infrastructure, reducing your energy bills and environmental impact.
  • Management overhead: Google Cloud’s automated management tools and self-service capabilities significantly reduce the time and resources required to manage your IT infrastructure. This frees up your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives and driving innovation for your business.

GCE offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility and functionality comparable to VMware, allowing your business to optimize IT budgets and customize infrastructure. Containerization provides platform independence, scalability, and development speed, enabling applications to run on any platform and streamline the application development process..

GC innovate can help guide your application and infrastructure modernization journey, including GCE migrations or containerization.

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