From Inspiration to Implementation: Leveraging Gen AI for Enterprise Success

April 22th – Google office, Brussels
Powered by Cronos.AI & GC innovate



Are you ready to join the (short) list of early adopters of Generative AI?

Cronos.AI & GC innovate join forces to make it concrete. At this event, we’re not just talking about possibilities; we’re turning them into realities. Our mission is to inspire and inform, providing you with a balanced perspective on the endless creative possibilities of Google’s Gen AI while keeping your enterprise standards in mind.

Google Brussels, 180 Chaussée d’Etterbeek, Brussel, 1040

12h30 Arrival & Lunch
13h30 Start Presentations
16h30 Networking & Drinks

Join us as we bring together AI experts from both De Cronos Groep and Google Cloud to guide you through the  journey of incorporating Generative AI into the core of your enterprise. Take a look at the topics we’ll discuss below. 👇

Michiel Vandendriessche

Vincent Schoeters
Managing Partner Legile

Noelle Cicila
Managing Partner
Brush AI

Bruno De Deken

Nanneke Lapidaire
Data Lead

Jeroen Bolle
Data & AI Specialist
Google Cloud

What’s on the agenda?

The Generative AI (GenAI) revolution is here, and Google is at the forefront. Join us for an insightful session delving into how Google has played a pivotal role in enabling the current Gen AI revolution. Discover why Google stands out as a key vendor in today’s GenAI landscape and explore the company’s strategic approach and offerings for transforming business processes through Generative AI.

As generative AI will revolutionize business processes, European companies must carefully navigate the complex legal and ethical considerations surrounding its use. This presentation will delve into the key aspects to consider, including Data Privacy and Protection, Fairness and Non-Discrimination, Intellectual Property and Copyright

As a leader in the AI landscape, Google Cloud is constantly pushing boundaries. Google Next brings a wave of announcements every year, but what does it mean for your organization? This session cuts through the noise. We will translate cutting-edge advancements from Google Next into actionable insights for your organization.

This session shows you how to move beyond the “fun and games” of Gen AI and put AI to work in your business. We’ll unveil a proven 6-step approach developed by our experts to help you leverage AI and activate your data for real-world results.

Raccoons, known from VRT, Radio 1, Trends and much more, share inspiring and practical examples of how Gemini can understand and combine any type of input to generate high-quality text, video and code. Not to be missed!

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