An introduction to Google’s Cloud Digital Leader certification

At GC innovate, our goal is twofold. Externally, we want to use Google Cloud’s B2B capabilities to foster innovation in organisations. Internally, we want to keep on building a close-knit Google community within the Cronos Group. One of our approaches for that internal goal is to help anyone within the Cronos ecosystem when they want to get a Google certification.  

To spur interest and provide the best guidance possible, we asked Tom Bal, Partner Engineer at Google, to give an introductory session for the Cloud Digital Leader certification. Missed the session? No worries, this blog will get you up to speed on the most important information with some tips and tricks!

Why should you invest in certificates?


While it might seem like an obvious question at first, it is a question worth asking. Simply put, certifications show that you have the right amount of expertise and specialised knowledge in a certain domain. Because Google’s certificates have a reputation for being harder to obtain compared to those of their competitors, they are particularly worth investing your time and effort in.

Attaining certificates helps to raise the total number of certifications within the Cronos Group, but the major benefit is diversifying our expertise


Getting certificates is important, but it’s even more important to translate that knowledge into innovative solutions for our customers. Helping our customers is and has always been our primary goal, and certificates are an excellent first step in the right direction.

Dirk Vereycken, Managing Partner GC innovate

Why should you get the Cloud Digital Leader certificate?

Within Google’s certification program, the Cloud Digital Leader certification is a recent addition. Other certifications concentrated on the technical aspect of things, so Google noticed the lack of a high-level overview. They designed the Cloud Digital Leader certification for individuals who encounter Google Cloud and wish to discuss it on a more general level. This makes it ideal for professionals wanting to map use cases and client demands on the capabilities of the Google Cloud service offering.

At GC innovate, we consider the Cloud Digital Leader certification as important for anyone that wants to provide platform-agnostic cloud advisory services. We strongly believe in a multi-cloud business environment, but this requires a thorough understanding of each platform’s benefits and use cases. That is why we recommend this particular credential to salespeople, independent technical advisors, and company executives. A general familiarity with technical concepts is advisable, but the certificate deliberately avoids getting into too much technical detail.

How can I get started with the Cloud Digital Leader certificate?

Google offers several resources to those who wish to get the certificate. One of the most valuable resources is the exam guide, which provides a comprehensive overview of all topics and the required expertise for the final exam. This manual is always kept up to date, allowing students to determine whether they are prepared to take the test.

Google also has a free introductory learning path, which can be accessed by anyone. This guides you through the Cloud Digital Leader exam topics with a slide deck and videos that are easy to comprehend. With some general knowledge of the Google Cloud ecosystem, this learning path can suffice to successfully complete the certification. Next to that, there is also a 6-hour YouTube video that covers the main topics of the certification. Depending on your current level of expertise, these video’s might be enough to pass the exam. 

Aside from these specific sites, Google offers a wealth of general information that may assist you in preparing for the exam. Their product pages and best practice guides can help you better understand the various product categories at Google Cloud. This page explains 21 Google Cloud tools from BigQuery to Data Fusion in videos under 2 minutes each. Priyanka Vergadia, Lead Developer Advocate at Google, has also made a series of sketch notes that explain every product visually. They have been collected in a book, but you can also consult them for free on his GitHub page. Finally, this overview of customer cases can help get you acquainted with how Google’s service offering can make a difference to numerous organisations.

Everyone learns in their own way, so there is bound to be something out there that suits your preference. We propose dividing your study sessions rather than attempting to learn everything at once. In total, we estimate that the certification exam requires about 8 hours of preparation.

What does the Cloud Digital Leader certification exam look like?

Have you looked at the materials and do you feel prepared? Before you begin the exam, we have a few more pointers for you. First and foremost, take a look at the sample questions. While they may not precisely mirror the test’s difficulty, they do indicate how the questions will be posed. Most questions feature cases with plenty of related information, so it is key to read the questions carefully and select the differentiating factors. Last but certainly not least: be sure to read the exam’s terms before participating!

The exam features about 40 questions and lasts around 90 minutes. You will receive your result immediately after submitting your answers. Taking the exam normally costs 99 dollars, but Google partners may get a discount or even a free certification. The test covers the following areas: 

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud (~10% of the exam) 
  • Infrastructure and application modernization (~30% of the exam) 
  • Innovating with data and Google Cloud (~30% of the exam) 
  • Google Cloud security and operations (~30% of the exam)

What is the benefit of getting a Google certificate as part of the Cronos Group?

When you work at an official Google partner, you may get additional assistance if you want to be certified. The cohort tracks, for example, personalise your learning path and provide direct access to Google specialists. Technical professionals will profit most from these trajectories, but everyone can benefit from them. You can also get free access to the Google Cloud Skills Boost learning paths.

Thank you to Tom Bal for the interesting session, and best of luck to everyone that wants to get Google Cloud certified!

Intrigued by the possibilities of working with the Google Cloud ecosystem? We’re currently looking for people that want to help promote Google within the Cronos Group, so be sure to check out our careers page for vacancies at our various competence centres! 


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