Container platform as a Service with Google Cloud

Challenge – container-based deployment only

ScaleCity designs, builds and implements continuous integration (CI) systems based on Kubernetes and Docker. They conceptualise highly available, highly scalable, container-based environments. When they first started to develop applications in containers, they did all the monitoring manually, which soon turned out to be too complex and too time-consuming. This is where Kubernetes came in.

Solution – focus on open source

ScaleCity is all about open source. Kubernetes is an open source, enterprise-ready management system for containers. A match made in heaven. When ScaleCity decided to look for a cloud provider to manage their servers and operating system, the main criterion was ofcourse that open source aspect. Since Kubernetes runs best on Google Cloud Platform, the decision was quickly made.

The results: +200 hosted sites

Google Cloud was and still is ScaleCity’s first choice. Also the Google Cloud Platform storage solutions appealed to them. Thanks to the reassuring partnership, ScaleCity has been able to concentrate on its strengths: The end-to-end development of optimised, bespoke web solutions and hosting. That is exactly what they’ve been doing the past couple of years, for over 200 satisfied clients.

Competence Center:

GC innovate

3 min
Digital/Cloud native

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