[EVENT] Introducing our new series: Your Dot!

With GC innovate, we orchestrate the unique ecosystem of The Cronos Group, providing a broad range of knowledge and expertise on all things Google. We believe that surrounding yourself with the right experts and like-minded people, you can achieve your business goals much faster. That’s why we want to give you a direct line to our experts with our brand-new concept: Your Dot.

Your Dot is a series where we let the  Google experts of The Cronos Group take the stage through several virtual and real-life events. Each series will be focused on a main topic, with experts highlighting different aspects during several webinars. Instead of boring sales pitches, we will share concrete use cases and actionable tips and tricks in short and snackable webinars of 30 minutes. We will close off each series with an interactive after-work to meet our experts in real-life.

Ready to kick-start your cloud journey? 

In our introductory series, we will focus on how to leverage the potential of the cloud and migrate your organisation successfully. We believe that making the right decisions at the beginning of your cloud journey gives you a head start to success. Our experts will share their perspectives, best practices, and concrete use cases, so you can build the right foundations and jumpstart your cloud journey.The Cronos Group has plenty of experience with cloud migration projects in a wide range of industries and scales, so there’s bound to be something that applies to your situation.

In this first series, we have three webinars lined up for you:

Setting up your Google Cloud, done right! – October 27th, 13h00

To kick things off, Bryan De Smaele, Cloud Architect at Cymo, gives you a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up an infrastructure with Google Cloud. Find out all about the importance of a secure GCP setup and why landing zones can make all the difference!

App modernisation on Google Cloud, done right! – November 10th, 13h00

In this customer case, Glenn Bryon, DevOps Engineer at FlowFactor, zooms in on app modernisation with Google Cloud. He explains how we set up a cloud-native architecture for one of our customers that is flexible and scalable, yet cost-effective. 

Scalable web hosting on Google Cloud, done right! – November 24th, 13h0

Ever wonder how the sites of football clubs deal with huge surges in traffic when playing a big match ? Nils Peeters, Coordinator at ScaleCity, explains how they helped out RSCA with their own unique architecture based on Google Cloud and Kubernetes. 

And don’t forget to mark December 8th in your agenda because we’ll be hosting an afterwork event in our main offices in Kontich. Details coming soon, we’re looking forward to share our knowledge with you! If you have any suggestions on topics in the future, let us know, we’re making this content for you.

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