We all want our business to thrive. We all want to know our customer. And in our digital society, there are great tools available to achieve that. 

It is therefore frustrating when there are important limitations set to our ability to deploy such tools. And yet, this is the case for US-based martech tools used by European entrepreneurs. Our GDPR (privacy) regulation sets requirements that are hard to meet. There are a lot of things happening, for example the announcement of a Privacy Shield 2.0, but this is merely a political announcement. We aren’t there yet..

In the meantime, our task is to create awareness and to guide you as an entrepreneur so the right assessments can be made. That’s why we created some additional content to guide you in your decision. In this whitepaper you’ll find:

  • The legal and GDPR context surrounding MarTech tooling
  • The impact on MarTech
  • A decision tree to help you make an informed decision