Towards a unified and trustworthy web analytics foundation for D’Ieteren.

About D’Ieteren Auto

D’Ieteren Auto is the biggest car importer in Belgium. Among its brands are Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Porsche. In recent years, D’Ieteren has seen an increase in online research when customers look to buy a new car. In some cases, cars are even purchased entirely online, especially on the secondhand market.

A shift to digital in the automotive industry

The purchase of a car is still considered as something time consuming by the vast majority of consumers, because a car is quite an investment and ought to last a long time.

While sales used to be very dependent on physical contact, such as a showroom or car fair, these initial contacts are progressively replaced by online research by the customer. Although the physical experience remains important, it’s vital to effectively target customers online in the orientation phase.

Digital challenges

To define and measure buyers’ journeys D’Ieteren initially had to work with a broad mix of digital platforms from the car brands. Therefore, it was extremely difficult to compare customer data from different brands and extract actionable insights. To make data-driven decisions, centralized data collection was missing.

Regained control over data

Data was not comparable between brands due to a fragmented and complex data landscape. There was low trust in terms of data quality and data collection was not consistent across brands. Together with Stitchd, the digital data collection structure has been rebuilt from scratch and resulted in renewed data trust and actionable insights and reporting.

We continue to help D’Ieteren to grow towards a more mature digital data approach in an ever-accelerating Martech landscape. Currently we are working on the migration to Google Analytics 4 and and are switching from client side tracking to server-side tracking to ensure D’Ieteren is less dependent on 3rd party cookies.

Unified data collection

All data is now collected in the same manner, across all brands with a brand-agnostic measurement framework which is deployed on all platforms.

Targeted communication

Thanks to the unified data collection, we enhanced the media tracking accuracy and optimized data collection on different platforms. This helps D’Ieteren serve better targeted messages to their customers.

Trustworthy data

Renewed data trust was established. By making data accessible to the team through dashboards, data and actionable insights. D’Ieteren can now develop a data-driven digital strategy.

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